MicroAlign at EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Photonics for Quantum Computers

We’d like to invite you to an online technology meeting on Photonics for Quantum Computers, organized by EPIC – EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM, where we’ll discuss the role that our fiber array alignment technology has in photonic quantum computers. Simone Cardarelli, head of our company, will speak on “Core-based Fiber Array Alignment for High Energy Efficiency Fiber Array-to-Chip […]

Technology News

🚨Technology news🚨 MicroAlign developed the first prototype actuator system capable of rotating multiple PM optical fibers in a fiber array. See it to believe it, the video below shows different rotation routines for a 4-fiber PM fiber array.We truly believe that further development of this technology will seriously improve the throughput and accuracy of PM […]

MicroAlign was selected to the top 20 in the Netherlands Academic Startup Competition 

MicroAlign was selected to the top 20 in the Netherlands Academic Startup Competition and we will participate in the ASC ’24 support program! We are delighted to close this year with this exciting news and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the program. We are looking ahead to 2024 #AcademicStartup #Top20Finalists #MicroAlign #Entrepreneurship

Visit Queen Máxima at MicroAlign Lab

It was an honor to meet Queen Máxima during her visit to Eindhoven yesterday. We were glad to have the opportunity to show our lab and demonstrate our fiber array alignment technology.

Technology Growth with Growth Fund

In November the PhotonDelta proposal for the Growth Fund, with an investment of €470 million, has been submitted to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy. The rest is co-invested by various partners and stakeholders. This capital will be used to build 200 startups, scale up production, create new applications for photonic chips […]

Deliveries of the first two prototypes

The hard work has paid off! During the last months, MicroAlign performed a huge sprint in technical development, and guess what… we accomplished our first two prototype deliveries. Isn’t that exciting? Two of our multi-fiber alignment systems have been shipped with the purpose of accurately aligning fiber arrays to photonic chips. Good luck to our […]

New MicroAlign prototype available

Developing new technology is hard work. With the efforts of our team we have been evolving our technology at the speed of light, and we have now a working prototype where you can experience the benefits of our alignment method. The prototype also includes a sophisticated electronic controller and software for a simple use. Have […]

MicroAlign becomes member of Optica!

MicroAlign is now member of Optica. We are looking forward to getting in contact with other members to discuss the challenges in aligning many optical fibers! Look at our introduction video with Jose Pozo from Optica in the link below.https://youtu.be/jiTb80msP1Y

EUR 1.1 B secured by PhotonDelta to support the Dutch photonics revolution

MicroAlign will support the Dutch Photonics growth funded with the Groeifonds investment plan. MicroAlign is proud to be part of the PhotoDelta family, and to be mentioned in the attached article link together with companies like Effect and SMART. Great times coming…https://www.linkedin.com/posts/vincentruis_dutch-based-photondelta-secures-11b-to-activity-6920643424912068608-lKm8?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=member_desktop_web

PhotonDelta and Smart Industries TTT fund invest in MicroAlign

MicroAlign will speed up the technology development thanks to the recent investments from PhotonDelta and the Smart Industries TTT fund! Read more about this news through the Linkedin link below!https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6874241396044259328/