Every fiber matters

The optimal coupling for each optical fiber in your fiber array

Optical testing and assembly

Improve the fiber-to-chip coupling of your optical testing and assembly processes with core-based active alignment for each fiber of your fiber array...

The "perfect" fiber array

... MicroAlign enables the realization of a new generation of fiber arrays where each fiber core position can be accurately controlled...

About us

MicroAlign enables fiber array alignment with the highest accuracy

MicroAlign is developing a revolutionary alignment solution to optimally connect multiple optical fibers and photonic integrated chips. Several photonic components and applications ranging from optical switches, amplifiers, laser arrays, co-packaged optics, to quantum computers, require an increasing number of optical fiber connections with demanding sub-micron positioning accuracy for all the fibers. MicroAlign allows you to achieve the best fiber array alignment accuracy to optimize your total coupling efficiency with an alignment time of a few seconds. 

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Boosting our development with seed funding

A micro-positioning system capable of aligning multiple optical fibers has been invented at MicroAlign and represents our core technology. The benefits of the alignment method has motivated the team to explore the market potential of the new technology.

Our development is funded by national and regional financing schemes, and by seed funding options available through Dutch organizations.

MicroAlign was awarded in 2019 with the Take-Off phase 1 grant from NWO, employed to perform our first technical and commercial feasibility study, …

Applications of technology


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Our revolutionairy technology is used by companies all over the world.

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Meet our company

our team

MicroAlign team consists of talented individuals who have led the company forward and put it on the map in the world of photonics.

Nicola Calabretta

Optical system - Co founder

Cees Luijendijk

Financial advisor and strategy developer

About MicroAlign solution

MicroAlign is developing a revolutionary alignment solution to optimally connect multiple optical fibers and photonics integrated chips.

The problem

Optimal coupling between optical fiber arrays and photonic chips is limited by the core positioning imperfections in fiber arrays.

The solution

The MicroAlign micro actuator provides per-fiber alignment capabilities and can suppress residual misalignment losses due to fiber eccentricity.

The application

The MicroAlign actuation technology, together with the developed control electronics and software, will enable fast and accurate fiber array alignment, in wafer testing and photonic assembly equipment.