OFC 2024 exhibition’s main takeaways

The OFC Conference 2024 was amazing! It was great to celebrate the successful MicroAlign exhibition at the Midway Aircraft Carrier in San Diego.

Here are some thoughts from the week after,

We have seen tremendous interest and traction in our rotation fiber alignment technology. MicroAlign focuses on manipulating optical fibers in different ways, including axial rotation of the optical fibers, an important feature to be controlled during assembly and testing of special fiber arrays (for example polarization maintaining and multi-core fiber arrays). With our technology, we envision rotating multiple optical fibers independently and simultaneously, to dramatically speed up the manufacturing time of PM fiber arrays and to support the high-volume demands in DATACOM, and AI computing applications. We are very excited to take on this challenge!

Get in touch if you want to know more about our fiber array rotation technology via info@microalign.nl

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