MicroAlign at OPTICA Online Industry Meeting: PIC Manufacturing, Packaging and Testing

We invite you to an Optica Online Industry Meeting: PIC Manufacturing, Packaging and Testing focused on the dynamic world of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) manufacturing, packaging, and testing.

This event brings together industry leaders and innovators from across the PIC manufacturing ecosystem. Optica will delve into the significant transformations that packaging and testing of PICs have undergone to align with mass manufacturing demands, aking to the approaches seen in CMOS microelectronics. Emphasis will be on exploring strategies for achieving high throughput and yield, crucial in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

The meeting will address the unique challenges in PIC assembly, such as the need for precision alignment, effective thermal management, and the complex co-packaging of photonic circuits with electronic drivers and host chips. The intricacies of PIC testing, which involves both electrical and optical probing with exacting standards for parameter requirements and positional accuracy, will also be a key focus. Optica aim to discuss the shift towards wafer-level-capable processes necessitated by increasing production volumes, fostering opportunities for collaboration and innovative solutions to make volume PIC manufacturing mainstream.

Simone Cardarelli, head of our company, will speak on “Core-based Fiber Array Alignment for High Energy Efficiency Fiber Array-to-Chip Coupling.”
This is an excellent opportunity to learn about industry developments and be involved.

Register(free) and reserve your spot: https://www.optica.org/events/webinar/2024/08_august/optica_online_industry_meeting_pic_manufacturing_packaging_and_testing/

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