Fiber array alignment


Multi fiber rotation

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Perfect fiber array

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What is fiber array alignment?

Fiber array alignment is the process of positioning multiple optical fibers in a precise and accurate way to couple light with photonic chips or devices. Indeed, photonic chips are devices that use light to perform data transmission, sensing, or computation. Fiber array alignment is a critical step for the performance and efficiency of photonic devices, requiring fiber positioning accuracy in the nm range.

How does it work?

It’s a three-step process

  • Step 1: Initial stage positioning (need description 1 -2 sentences)
  • Step 2: First light search (±5μm accuracy from optimal target)(need description 1 -2 sentences)
  • Step 3: Fine-tuning of fiber array position(need description 1 -2 sentences)
Initial positioning
First light search
Fine alignment

Fiber Array Alignment

MicroAlign solution – Every fiber matters

MicroAlign technology brings individual fiber position control into a fiber array. Merging this revolutionary tuning capability with core-based active alignment, allows to improve the accuracy of current passive alignment solutions up to 10x without trading alignment speed. 

Key advantages

Per-fiber minimal coupling loss

Parallel alignment

Wide fine alignment range

Scalable and versatile

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Characteristics of our technology

  • Friction-free individual fiber position control
  • Per fiber 2D position tuning range ±20 μm
  • Position control resolution <100 nm
  • Fast response time (< 20 ms)

Our alignment system capabilities

  • Supports up to 12 fibers
  • Parallel alignment
  • Compatible with O-Band and C-Band wavelength operation
  • Per fiber core-based active alignment
  • Typical fine alignment time < 10 s

Interested in our fiber array solution?

MicroAlign is developing a revolutionary alignment solution to optimally connect multiple optical fibers and photonics integrated chips.